More Website Changes: Fiction Snippets

You might notice something different about the sidebar over there: it’s the cover of one of the volumes holding my work, along with either a snippet of that work or a review of it. It’s a random selection that loads up with each new page, and you can also cycle through them by clicking on the review/snippet.

I’d pat myself on the back about the brilliance of this notion, but the truth is I saw the plugin used to similar effect on the website of old friend (and brilliant writer) Lon Prater. It was too awesome not to implement here.

At the moment, you’ll get a larger-size picture of the image if you click on the cover itself. That’s probably going to change pretty soon, though, as I’m planning to have it link you to my being-redesigned fiction page. One of the things I hope to be adding there will be the necessary links for you to read (or perhaps buy?) e-copies of those works for which I have the e-distribution rights.

It’s a brave new world, and I’m only slowly getting around to taking advantage of it!

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