My Birthday Present: A Novel

Indiana Jones Show 1992

Disneyworld Indiana Jones Show, 1992

So in a few weeks — on November 6th, in point of fact — I’ll be turning 40.

I confess I don’t feel like I’m 40. The notion seems preposterous to me. It seems so … adult.

On the other hand, I sure don’t look like that young pup in that picture above. Who is that kid?

As it happens, though, a few really cool things will be happening right around my birthday. On November 3rd I’ll be taking part in a big book launch and pre-release booksigning for The Shards of Heaven with some awesome fellow writers at a local Barnes and Noble.

A week later, on November 10th, the book will at last be officially released into the wild. I actually have no glorious plans for that occasion: I’ll probably just treat myself to a quiet dinner and take some time to reflect on the events of the past year. Or maybe sneak into local bookstores and turn all their copies face-out on the shelves.

And right between those two once-in-a-lifetime moments, my 40th birthday.

I for one believe that having my novel published with Tor is an absolutely legit and comprehensive present to mark the occasion, but if you disagree — if you feel like having the book out is simply not enough — then how about pre-ordering a copy of my book? Just head on down to your local bookstore or your favorite online bookseller or your local library and arrange to get your hands on The Shards of Heaven.

And then, if you read it and like it, you can post your review on Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes and Noble … or simply stand up at your desk in the office and loudly declare that you, too, will find a Shard and will know the power of the gods and that the next time someone takes your piece of cake from the break room — and we all know it clearly had your name on a Post-it note — they will pay! By the power of Poseidon, they will pay!

Or alternatively, you know, you can just tell a friend or two.

Either way. I’m easy.

Order-Boost-Review: The Shards of Heaven. Tor Books. November 2015.


  1. Ah yes, the big 40. I remember that milestone — vaguely, as I remember last night’s dreams.

    You have much to celebrate, sir. Congratulations.

  2. 40? Still just a pup, but a pup with a book coming out from Tor!

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