Mythology Article Accepted

My article “Teaching the Medieval Orpheus: Bridging Mythology and Medieval Literature” has been accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching.

The article probably won’t appear for another year or so, but it’s good to know that it’s in the queue somewhere and off my desk. It’s honestly more stressful for me to keep track of submissions of such things than it is for me to write them in the first place (the writing is just pure fun for the most part).

I’m also pleased with this particular piece in that it fits well with my Quixotic aim to publish studies of as many centuries as possible. In that sense, this piece was like striking a goldmine, since it discusses classical works (Ovid, Pseudo-Apollodorus, etc.) and a range of medieval works (Sir Orfeo, Henryson’s Orpheus, etc.) that deal with the character Orpheus. That allows me to “check off” quite a few centuries all at once. Score.

I note, though, that I’m still missing those darn 1700s. Can’t even imagine what I could contribute there!


  1. And when will you get to your academic analysis of a piece of 23rd century literature? Now that I’d like to read. … Although I’m sure these other articles are absolutely riveting. 😉

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