Only five weeks to go, if the Ring (sequel to the Hobbit, get it?) is on time.  Odds are decent that she’ll be early, so we’re in full nest-making mode around here. 

The nesting began with last week’s big move of furniture, and it continues now with all the “little” things that have followed from it.  Lots of stuff is being moved from room to room.  Lots of stuff is going out to the shed.  And lots of stuff is going up to or coming down from the attic.  

It’s that last group of things that’s been the fun (and heart-tugging) part of our nesting, as I haul out dusty baby bouncers and carriers, crib parts, mobiles, and wee little socks that are far too tiny to believe once fit the feet of our rambunctious rambling son.

Speaking of which, Samwise, to his credit, is collecting sticks.  He doesn’t yet understand how metaphors work.

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