New Monitor

The monitor that came with our creaky ol’ Dell desktop so many years ago still works, but I’ve been growing increasingly annoyed with its lack of screen space and its abundance of physical space. Ours was a tube-based monitor, you see: all clunky, heavy box, with a relatively wee little screen perched up front. In addition to such problems, it was an energy sink.

The news that a friend needed a monitor prompted us to replace our monitor at last. After some research, I identified a Samsung T220HD as the one I wanted. Found a great deal on Amazon, and the beauty arrived today. All I can say is Wow. 22″ of HD landscape is a gorgeous thing!

Especially great is that I can now have a facsimile of a medieval manuscript up on one half of the screen while I work on the edition thereof in the other. That’ll be wonderful.

Now to run that Dell monitor to the friend…

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