New Story in Paradox

Fresh on the heels of the Paradox preview a few weeks ago, a thick manila envelope showed up in the mail today: four (4) complimentary copies of the newest issue, featuring my Civil War tale “The Angel of Marye’s Heights” (and payment for same).

Until I held it in my hands, I had a hard time believing my name would actually be on the cover — preview be damned. But there it was, in big, bold, juicy letters. Very nice. If I can get a scan of the cover I’ll post it. Meanwhile, you can check it out here.


  1. I have a shiny copy of that myself.

  2. Congrats, Michael. I wasn’t aware of this magazine, but now I plan to seek it out; thanks for bringing it to the attention of your readers.

  3. Thanks, Jeff. Paradox is a terrific magazine — and not just because it has my work ‘tween its covers!

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