New Website Features

I’ve taken the opportunity on redesigning the exterior of this website to also do a bit of work on some of its interior reworkings. Gone is an automatic resizing of images in posts, which was lovely in its way but didn’t allow me to take advantage of WordPress’ newfangled image inputting. (The removal of the auto-resizing has messed up some of my old pages, which I’m fixing slowly.)

The sweetest adjustment, though, has been the addition of the WPTouch plugin, which helps to automatically render the website for advanced mobile devices like the iPhone, the G1, or the iPod Touch (which I’m using to write this post). The plugin is smooth and easily customizable in a few key ways, like including a custom icon in the site header. Mine is my man-in-the-moon image, of course. Better still, I just discovered that if you’re viewing my website using one of those mobile devices — at least the Apple ones, I don’t know about the G1 — and you tell the device to add a link to the page from the homescreen (to make the site an “app”), WPTouch somehow manages to tell the device to use that custom icon. My iPod Touch thus has a moon-man button on one of my homescreens that automatically opens the web browser and loads the mobile version of my website.

It’s beautiful, and I hardly had to do anything to make it work. Go WordPress!

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