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The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook. Ed. Michael Livingston and Kelly DeVries. Liverpool University Press, 2015.

From the Preface:

Outnumbered, exhausted, and facing what should have been a decisively stronger force in arms, on 26 August 1346 the English achieved a resounding victory under the banner of King Edward III. It was a triumph that would not only earn its high place in history, but would also pass quickly into heroic legend and national myth. That much is not in doubt.

This casebook is the most extensive collection of documents ever assembled for the study of one of the famous battles in history. Together with other experts, the editors have gathered, edited, and translated over 80 fourteenth-century sources concerning this fascinating and important conflict — written across Europe, from Bohemia to France, from Italy to Wales — many here printed or translated for the first time. Original essays provide historical context and literary background to help interpret the battle in light of this new material. Here we see the Battle of Crécy across the cultural landscape of Europe, through chronicles and letters, through poems and prophecies, enabling us to understand what happened on 26 August 1346 like never before.


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