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We aren’t positive that Buy Ambien Zolpidem has entered our household, but all signs, as they say, point to “yes.” Certainly the symptoms match up, and we know that there’s norovirus in the air hereabouts: A local-stationed cruise ship just underwent an extra-super-duper cleaning after Buy Xanax In Las Vegas of the virus.  Bringing it back to port and cleaning it meant bringing 100s of virus-exposed passengers into the community, in addition to the exposure of the cleaning crews going back and forth off the ship.

Happily, it’s a 24-hour to 48-hour horror.  Unhappily, it hit Sherry at 3am on her birthday. And now the young master has it.  The baby ‘belle has also probably been hit.  Indeed, I seem to be the only one holding out at this point … which can only mean that I have mere hours to go before I, too, am moaning in pain.

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  1. You got lucky, sir. That sickness was raging through the citadel weeks ago. The cadets called it the "Charlie Sickness," because my company was the epicenter. We had ~40 cases, just in our company.

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