Once More Unto the Breach

The campus begins to fill with students once again, and the pleasant days of the Break are drawing to a close. As you can tell from the silence hereabouts, I’ve been busy with things: making it through the teaching wave of the Fall semester served only to bring me clear for a moment before I was struck by the writing wave of the Holidays. For almost a month now I’ve been nose-to-grindstone on several academic projects and two fiction projects. One of those fiction projects in particular is both quite significant and on a bit of a deadline, so that’s pretty much had me occupied around the clock in one way or another.

I did get the chance to get away, though: A quick couple of flights from Charleston meant that the Holidays were spent back home in Colorado. It was pretty sweet to see snow again, though the 28-inch dumping we got shortly after arrival was perhaps a bit more than was necessary.

Still, it was fun. And all the research and writing is fun, too. I’m damn lucky to enjoy what I do.

For that matter, I’m excited for classes to start in a couple of days. If I could just find my textbook for English 102, all would be right with the world…

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  1. Fiction projects, you say? Please do tell me more. 🙂

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