Onion Videos

I’m sure everyone knew about this, and I’m just late to the party, but … The Onion, a fine source of satire, has videos on YouTube!

I had no idea until this afternoon, when an esteemed fellow medievalist (we’re all fun folk), John K. Bollard, sent me this link to a “news” piece on the queen’s waving. As a bonus, it makes a reference to events in AD 939.

These videos are typically brilliant Onion stuff. They’re all hilarious. Check out this piece on the number one issue for voters in this year’s presidential cycle, or, even better, this video on the Outsourcing of Child Care:

Little Kimberly Nattings … damn, my eyes are watering.

Oh, and for an extra bonus, read the “news-blurbs” scrolling along the screen. A sample:

“National Medical Association study finds owning a cobra significantly increases risk of cobra attack.”

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