Owain Glyndwr: A Casebook

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been … well, in large part, this is where:

Cover for the Owain Glyndwr Casebook.

Rough-cut cover for the Owain Glyndwr Casebook.

That’s right: I have another book coming out. In just a few weeks, in fact!

This book, built along the same lines as my very successful Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook, once again has me working with a superb group of scholars from around the world, plus a co-editor for the whole of the volume itself. The result is a big book at over 600 pages, and I think it will make an  extraordinary impact on a whole sequence of cultural studies of the early fifteenth century and beyond.

I’ve also put two or three more essays into circulation, had another Tolkien essay accepted for publication (in Mythlore), and been accepted to at least three more conferences starting in the fall. Plus I earned a semester sabbatical (next spring) and applied for one major competitive grant.

For better or worse, I don’t seem to be slowing down any, either: I have at least one significant article to write this summer (by request), and several chapters of my next academic book to put down on paper so the (really amazing) press can judge whether to give me a contract.

Oh, and I have a novel I’m desperate to finish.

So there’s that. 🙂


  1. Congrats on your continuing massive accomplishments, Mike. I hope at least one of those conferences — or perhaps the semester off — will give you a chance to return to NC for a visit.

    “Desperate to finish” — now that’s a phrase I approve of. 🙂

  2. Woot! Congratulations on your most recent publication. Also, the sabbatical sounds like a great opportunity to commit some fiction.

  3. Thank you, Cathy and Mary!

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