That’s the name of the little state park below the Ridgway dam. Less than half an hour from where I sit writing this in Ouray, it’s a terrific stretch of catch-and-release trout fishing. My parents are in town for about a week, so Dad and I went down there today for a bit of flyfishing. It was marvelous. Good weather, good scenery, good company, and tight lines (because we caught things, you see). Nothing as spectacular as that behemoth I caught on the Platte River in May, but some beautiful fish nonetheless. I landed four, if I recall correctly.

I took some pictures yesterday of two bucks (male deer, not dollar bills) standing beside our Kia Rondo parked out in front of the house. Ouray is that kind of place. I’ll try to post one sometime.

In other news, I finished chapter 24 of Four Shards tonight. It rattled in as the longest one so far: 4,647 words. That brings the novel up to over 85,000 words all told: far more than it should be given that I’m planning 40 total chapters.

Tomorrow we’re going Jeeping. The plan is to hit Poughkeepsie Gulch, which is the hardest trail around these parts. Trail descriptions of it can be found here (note especially the rolled Jeep) and here. I’ve never driven Thumper III (my lovely LJ) up it, though I’ve done it in at least a couple other rigs. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new four-wheel-drive baby handles it.

Ah… vacation.

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