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Watching the political debate ranting unfolding in our country, in which people of all stripes refuse to consider alternative positions — and certainly not their own — in any critical way, I’ve been reminded of how we all need to remember the dangers of indoctrination in, well, anything. It leads…

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On Spring Break around here, and here are the things I’m up to: Enjoying a bit of quality time with the family after too long with my head buried in Brunanburh. Writing Tolkien lectures and creating PowerPoints.  I’m trying to get ahead. Trying to start exercising again now that my…

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With all the illness hereabouts — I was struck down with the norovirus after all — and quite a bit of backlogged grading to slog through, I’m rather tardy in relaying the fact that the Brunanburh Casebook is out of my hands. The book clocked in at over 440 pages…

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A few years ago, on a lark, I sent a short story of mine to the Writers of the Future contest.  I wasn’t new to writing stories — I’d been screwing around with fiction on my own since I was a lad — but I was certainly new at trying…

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