Paradox Preview

I just received an email from Christopher M. Cevasco, Editor/Publisher of Paradox Magazine, announcing that he just launched a new look website for the magazine. You can check it out here:

The website is quite striking, and I was glad to see the improvements he made. Even more, I was glad to see that my name is on the front page — at least for the moment. I have a story in the upcoming issue 11, and I’m the first author listed for that issue, which is particularly odd for me in that the fellow who follows my name is the amazing Darrell Schweitzer.

But even that isn’t the coolest thing I saw on the new Paradox website.

Following the “Issues” tab takes you to a preview of the forthcoming issue (which is a very nice feature). Once there, you get to see my name twice. The first is a link to a preview of my story and its artwork (very cool); the second is … no, this can’t be right … my name on the cover of the issue!

I’m flabbergasted. I mean, I’ve made the cover of a magazine before, but never quite so prominently. It even has my title: “The Angel of Marye’s Heights.”

I’m stunned.


  1. Congrats sir!

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