Playing with the iPod

I’m still not sure how I feel about this, but this post is written on an iPod touch. I think that means I’ve joined the new world. Reluctantly, yes, but joined nonetheless.

I remain astonished by this. Seriously. I mean, it’s really quite amazing. I can’t type nearly as fast as I can on one of my computers, but this is faster than I would have imagined. The downside is that I’m now spending precious time (and money) on ipod accessories.

Anyone have advice on iPod fm tuner thingamajigs? Our car lacks an audio in jack.


  1. New toys. Shiny.

    Can you get a folding keyboard for it?

  2. Alas, I think not. But, on the plus side, it makes coffee.

    Yes, it is that good.

  3. FM transmitters (modulator) work very well for such a set up. They are very inexpensive ($20-$30 at WallyWorld), and seeing as owning anything iPod is the norm most are designed to be compatable. In the past I used a Belkin. Can be powered with AAA battery or plug it in the ciggy lighter.

    The big thing to look for is if you have “clear” airwaves out there, otherwise it is a bunk devise. Also I highly recomend looking for one where you can set it to any station not just to a bunch of presets.

    One of my cars only has a radio so we rely on FM transmitters in it.

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