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Another thing (see my Klonopin Xr) that Google Analytics very neatly displays is the direction and origin of traffic on a website. In my case, around 25% of traffic coming to the site is reveled to be directly aimed at my homepage address with quite a bit of that coming from Google searches of my name. The other 75% of traffic, though, is aimed at individual pages, and it’s interesting to see what they are. My top-10 posts (in terms of access the past month):

1. “Order Phentermine From Mexico.” This is really just a series of student postings summarizing critical articles. I guess students (at other universities, no doubt) are hoping to find something they can copy and paste into their papers. Tsk-tsk.

2. “Buy Ambien 20Mg.” My write-up about installing a new radio in our beloved Rondo. If I’d known that hundreds of folks would look at this each month, I would have done a better job putting it together. Lesson learned, I guess.

3. “Buy Xanax Singapore.” Very interesting to see this so high. I had no idea so many folks were interested in the period or the place. It makes me wish I’d started my own from scratch rather than altering an extant one (which I found at an apparently defunct website). On a tangential note, I just got an email from a Spanish publisher wanting to know what it would cost to use my map for a book on Hypatia. Not sure how to respond to that, honestly!

4. “Buy Bulk Ambien” (Category search). Folks are clearly interested in what I do with my vehicles! As I commence on the build-up of my Commander (Project XK), I’ll have to bear this in mind.

5. “Buy Diazepam Bangkok.” 🙂

6. “Buy Lorazepam.” Huh. Not sure what to think about this. Are the squirrels organizing and making foraging attacks on attics around the world?

7. “Buy Valium India Online.” Guess I need to edit the page to say “SOLD.”

8. “Buy Lorazepam 2.5Mg.” Man, I’ve really got to get that article published.

9. “Buy Cheap Carisoprodol Online.” Everyone wants to know where God lives. It ain’t far from this beautiful little town.

10. “Order Green Xanax Bars Online.” I suspect this one is highly ranked due to its newness.

It’s a rather eclectic mix of posts, but I suppose that reflects the wide range of my interests in life!

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