Project Niagara

In the midst of all the other things going on as I try to transition from the “no job” days of summer to the “whole bunch of jobs” days of the school year (like, say, having minor surgery), we bought a tent trailer.

We’d been looking for an RV of some kind for a number of years now: tent trailers, hybrid trailers, and travel trailers. Given my summers off and our love of the outdoors, having an RV suited our style. We just had to find the right one at the right price, which was very difficult to do.

Thankfully, we think we have it now: a 2007 Fleetwood Niagara. I grew up with a couple of tent trailers (around here they call them a “pop-up”), and I can tell you this ain’t much like what I’m used to: it’s got high walls that provide high counters, massive king-sized bunks, a slide-out dinette, and even an interior shower/potty. It’s very nice. Have a look:

The Niagara at home. All closed up it's still a big boy.

Popped up it's even bigger. Check out the slide-out!

Niagara stock interior front. Roomy, and Sherry loves the sink.

Niagara stock interior rear. Check out the hard-walled flushing toilet and shower.

We’ve taken it on one trip so far: a maiden voyage to Edisto Island here in South Carolina. It went well. Jeep got a little over 11 mpg pulling this beast, which seems fair for the fact we were going through a lot of small towns. I’ll be interested to see what it gets when we’re crossing the country at highway speeds.

Our first campsite. Note the Commander awesomeness. 😉

Our son plays in the dirt. "I found ants, Daddy!"

The wee lass sleeps in exhausted peace.

Being the kind of fellow I am, of course, I’m now looking to start modifying the trailer. Going to start small, I think, by just cutting apart a cabinet or two. Nothing too crazy! 😉


  1. Wow, aside from the upholstery differences, that looks surprisingly like the camper we used to take to the Outer Banks.

  2. Hope you made some good memories with it, Mary. I know I have only the fondest remembrances of nights spent in our family PUP.

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