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I’ve been so busy — pleasantly so, what with going to Wales and all — that I somehow missed the fact that my short story “Purging Cocytus” has earned a second review (you may recall that Buy Ambien Zolpidem, from Lois Tilton, was quite good).

This time Buy Xanax In Las Vegas come from SF Site, where Sherwood Smith has reviewed Black Gate 15. Here’s what she has to say about my story:

In this horrific tale whose setup borders on science fiction, Danny’s grandfather has been in cryonic suspension but is now revived and has been returned to the family. The fantastic enters when Danny begins to have nightmares that the reader gradually recognizes as echoes from Dante’s Inferno. Powerfully and beautifully written, the story propels the reader, as well as Danny, to the inexorable and irresistible end. Again the theme of death and beyond comes up, this time with very dark overtones.

Hmmm… “powerfully and beautifully written.” I’ll take that! 🙂

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