Ragnarok and Baseball

A twice-former student of mine from my University of Rochester days, Tina Tsao, sent along notice of an article in the New York Times comparing the actions of a squirrel in right field of the Yankees’ 5-3 victory over the Red Sox Tuesday night to the figure of Ratatosk in Norse mythology.

This is brilliant stuff, with dragons and eagles and the end of the present creation. A snippet:

“The dragon will destroy the world in Norse mythology,” she said, adding that the eagle would be on the losing end of a battle that was only made worse by the malicious squirrel.

Trust me, this makes total sense in context.

Anyway, for all those Yankees fans out there, this appearance of Right Field Ratatosk pretty much means you’re screwed. The BoSox beat you again this year.

More Ratatosk fun, snip’t from Wikipedia:

Ratatosk appears as a woman running a temp agency for the gods in Esther Friesner‘s “Temping Fate” and is quoted as saying “I am Ratatosk, the Dark Squirrel of Doom!”

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