Reading my Own Work

I had no pressing work to do yesterday, so at long last I had the opportunity to read over my completed draft of Shards of Heaven. I wanted to give it another once-over before making a big agent push this year. I meant to do it months ago, but I’ve been tied up with Brunanburh.

You know what, though? I think the novel is pretty good. I was actually moved a couple of times, which is a darn fine feeling. On the other hand, I’ve scribbled corrections throughout the manuscript, including a mighty mark through the Prologue. ‘Tis going the way of the dodo.

After that, though, I’m moving on. Time to start querying this one — something I intended to have done long before now.


  1. It’s a good feeling when you find you can still stand your own words after so long away. Congrats and good luck on the prowl!

  2. Thanks, Lon. It did feel good.

  3. The noise you hear coming from your north is a giant HALLELUJAH from me.

    About damn time!


  4. I mostly didn’t want you to come down and start hitting me if I didn’t get it out there, Cathy!

    (And thank you for the encouragement.)

  5. That’s right — be afraid, very afraid — of the wrath of Cathy. 😉

    And you’re welcome.

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