Real Estate: Twin Lakes

Spent yesterday up among the highest mountains in the state of Colorado, looking at real estate. Our primary target was Twin Lakes, though we did stop to see what Leadville and Buena Vista had to offer. There’s some beautiful property up there — a few examples of which we can actually afford — but I don’t think we’ll buy at this time. Life remains too unstable, both career-wise and economy-wise. The current mountain pine beetle infestation that’s devestating Colorado’s forests is also disturbing. I wonder if there’ll be any trees left in ten years.

In other news, I might pop down to WorldCon tomorrow to catch a panel on the completion of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Brandon Sanderson will be there, as will Tom Doherty of Tor Books. So it seems like the sort of thing I ought to attend. If I’m lucky, I might even see a few of my writer colleagues down there, too.

Beyond all this, work continues on Four Shards. Just a few chapters to go!


  1. Hey look! A Campbell award-winning writer on my website! 🙂

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