Reason #2345 I Listen to Pandora

I have a speaker-dock in the office for my trusty iPod Touch, but more often than not I find myself listening to streaming music via Pandora instead. Why? Well, mostly because it continues to find me great music I’d otherwise never hear.

My main Pandora “radio station” is built around Mark Knopfler, and it does, indeed, play a lot of his excellent stuff. But it also will randomly pull up something like, say, Peter Mulvey’s song “Charlie” (free .mp3 available at his website). I’ve never heard of Peter Mulvey, and I’d certainly never heard “Charlie,” but I liked the song right away and it now (irony!) has an oft-played spot on the aforementioned iPod.

Here’s Mulvey performing a stripped-down, not-much-like-the-recorded-track version of “Charlie” at some festival or something:

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