Revising and Revising

Article Series - Four Shards of Heaven

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  2. Revising and Revising
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I took a few days off from actually writing anything related to Four Shards after I finished it up last week. Things were percolating in my mind, though, and today I set about doing some revisions to the first few chapters. Though revisions are tremendously tough to do for me, the day went well. One particularly troubling chapter is much improved. Alas, the changes have mostly added rather than taken away. (I have never, personally, been able to do that “cut 10%” ideal folks talk about.) So the book is now closer to 109,000 words long. I’m through over a sixth of the book, though, and I imagine things will get more smooth as I get further along.

On the very positive side of things, this has been my first chance to actually read through things, and you know what? It doesn’t suck.

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