Robert Jordan and J.R.R. Tolkien Talk

Among the various things going on in my life, I’ve been preparing to give a speech on Robert Jordan for the 10th Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza for, a web community focused on the Wheel of Time.  The event is happening here in Charleston at the beginning of March, and I was quite pleased to be invited to speak.

Brandon Sanderson will be around, as will the inestimable Harriet Rigney, which should make the occasion of the celebration all the more fun and exciting.

The talk is essentially the same that I gave a couple years ago at the Charleston Library Society, though I’ve updated it to account for the latest books in the Wheel of Time series (those co-written with Brandon Sanderson).  In doing so, I found it interesting how many things I predicted in the first speech have come true; it seems that my essential mythological philology premise for the series is holding water so far.  Pretty cool.

At any rate, I’m all set and ready to go now.  It’s always a good feeling to have a speech completed!


  1. I enjoyed that series. Those were good books, but it is a long series and I haven’t read them all.

  2. At the end of your speech, why not issue a challenge (or provoke violence?) by observing that winter is coming while the wheels of Time-Warner have not turned Jordan’s mythos into a film/television adaptation?

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