Robert Jordan’s Katana

As mentioned earlier on these pages, I was fortunate to borrow one of the most beautiful katana from the Robert Jordan estate to use as a prop during my recent lecture at the Charleston Library Society. It was magical (the moment, not the weapon — though the latter was really, really cool).

When I returned the borrowed sword, I was offered another of the Jordan weapons to take home with me on a more permanent basis. So I am proud (and a bit staggered) to say that I now own one of the late Mr. Rigney’s katana; in fact, it seems that this weapon was one of the earliest replica Japanese swords he ever acquired. It’s beautiful, and I’ll post pictures of it when I can.


  1. I know! I just stood and looked at the thing for a few minutes this evening, bewildered that it was there on the buffet in the dining room.

  2. You should leave it on the buffet. It will make Thanksgiving far more exciting if guests think that is what you will use to carve the turkey!

  3. Mmmmmm… katana-carved turkey. A Thanksgiving delight!

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