Robin Hood Interview with Me and Kelly DeVries

I mentioned a few days ago that I got cornered for a videotaped interview with Kelly DeVries in which we blathered on about Robin Hood, all in preparation for a public lecture we’re giving on Tuesday, February 21.

Well, today I got an email from The Citadel’s External Affairs Office, sending me a link to the news release/feature that they produced out of it.

Here it is.

I daresay they did a pretty slick job of editing the off-the-cuff chatting between Kelly and me. Made it almost sound like I knew what I was talking about.


Kelly is obviously more polished at this — no surprise since he’s a History Channel veteran — and I’m sad that I was caught tired and with my uniform on … but I’m pleased overall. I’ll get better at it!

Indeed, I’ll have the chance to polish the act soon enough. Apparently this went out to all the local media folks about the same time I got it this morning … and already we have an interview scheduled on Thursday with the local ABC affiliate.

They suggested (jokingly?) that one of us could wear a Robin Hood costume, to which I replied (quite seriously) that I am not paid enough to wear green tights.

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