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The book on the Battle of Brunanburh that I’m putting together is coming together quite nicely. Today found me deep into the Old English materials, which was fun. It did throw me another curveball, though, as I had to grapple with how to represent a few runic letters in the book: the “standard” font I’m supposed to use doesn’t have them in the character set.

Go figure.


  1. Are the letters part of words with “standard” fonts? Or are they stand-alone bits? If stand-alone, you can create them as graphic files and insert them into the text that way.

    Otherwise, I’d find an already in-print book that produces such characters and I’d ask the authors/publishers how they produced them in the text.

  2. Alas, Cathy. They’re just a single rune in a line of text. And it really is just one problem one, which I’ve got an interim solution for — utilizing another font, which is what another house would do — I’m just a perfectionist about such things.

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