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I’ve received a number of emails from around the globe — my favorite was from Northern Ireland, since something about Ireland just makes me smile —  thanking me for posting my fix for a Buy Ambien Zolpidem as mine had.

First, I appreciate hearing that it worked for you.  I’ll accept the thanks in this regard, but I’ll also point out that if it doesn’t work or you blow your monitor up attempting it or burn down a city block or such … I’ll accept none of the blame.

Second, I thought I ought to post an update that my monitor is still working brilliantly. The problem hasn’t reoccurred.  Not once.

Go me.


  1. Michael, I want to thank you for your post about fixing the samsung monitor, I was at a Yard Sale and they have the monitor and they were asking for 10 dlls because sometimes will work or will take very long to turn on, I offer 5 dlls and grab it, I started to look around for common issues and found your blog, the monitor had the same problem, I took the capacitor out and bought one at local electronics supplier installed and VOILA it worked great…
    The total cost of this monitor including parts $5.89 cents

    Thank You Michael

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  3. The repair costed me around 50 cents, love you man.

  4. Michael nice work. I’m still trying to identify which capacitor / transistor has blown but I’ll get there. Your readers may want to check out the following link
    Buy Phentermine Germany
    where the repair manual has been posted by a
    kevin mc.caughey. Hope this is useful..

  5. Thanks, Watto. Hope you got it figured out now.

    And thanks for the link. That was posted somewhere on the original fix-it page (I think), but it wasn’t posted here. So good idea passing it along!

  6. Hi Michael.
    Like others I would like to thank you for your post. It gave me the courage to try it myself. And I succeeded. Go me, go you!!
    (capacitator 1 USD, soldering-beginners-set: 13 USD.)
    Gr. Willem Buijs, Vught, Holland

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