Scale of the Universe

After getting through the annual end-of-year trials — grading, shopping, grading, repeat — I caught quite the wicked cold bug. Been a-bed for a couple of days, and I’m at least a few more days from substantial recovery.

Thus, in the meantime, I direct you to one more means of getting the scale of yourself in our grand universe. This one allows you to see not only the great-bigness of it all (macroscopic), but also the itty-bittyness of it all (microscopic).

Check it out!


  1. The reason for the lack of comments is everyone is in awe and feels too insignificant to even type something on their computer. I can think of a few folks who would benefit from seeing this as they seemingly feel they are the center of the universe.

  2. Either everyone is in awe or (like me) is not sure how to respond after finding out how small we really are.

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