Semester in Swing

Crazy times this semester.

As a result of the unexpected unavailability of a faculty member, we had four full classes to staff less than 48 hours before classes began. I ended up with one of them, so I’m teaching an overload this term.

Not really a big deal, I suppose, except that this is also the semester that my next book, Owain Glyndwr: A Casebook, co-edited with John Bollard, needs to be at the forefront of my mind. I’m supposed to turn the final copy to the press in February.

So I’m busy.

Have also found a bit of time here and there for other things, though. I’ve finished a couple more articles, for instance, and I’m partway through a new short story (first in a while).

Alas, the novel that I knocked out 50,000 words of this summer still sits in essentially the same place. Something had to give if I was going to get any sleep, and since it doesn’t have a publishing contract and the academic stuff does ….


  1. I understand the constraints under which you are working, but I can’t help feeling sad about the postponed novel.

    Perhaps I might feel better if I had a chance to read a draft of the short story when it’s ready. 😉

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