Shako Printed

2009 Shako CoverThe 2009 issue of The Shako, the literary magazine of The Citadel, is now officially published. I received the printed copies this afternoon, a full day ahead of schedule, which was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

This weekend is Corps Day here at El Cid, the 166th “birthday” celebration of the Corps of Cadets. Since the associated events always draw a big crowd of alumni and parents in addition to the cadets themselves, it’ll also mark the magazine’s distribution.

This will be my third year at heading up the magazine, and I continue to be very impressed by the creative abilities of the cadets. It’s especially striking when you consider how little opportunity to engage in creative works either in the classroom (we don’t have an art department, and we average one creative writing class a year, I think) or outside of it.

At any rate, this year’s issue is finished. Next week the planning shall begin for 2010.

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