Shards News: Book Giveaway and Pre-Release Booksigning

The Shards of Heaven

The Shards of Heaven

In 48 days, my novel The Shards of Heaven is going to hit bookstores. I’m anxious, and I know you are, too. You want to join in the adventure of the Shards right now, and I can’t blame you one bit.

Which is why I’m really thrilled to tell you that there happen to be two ways you can read the book before it is released on 10 November:

1. Go enter the Goodreads giveaway that is running from now until 19 October. Goodreads is a truly fantastic community of readers (if you didn’t know already), and Tor Books has handed them TEN advanced copies of the book to randomly give out. So grab your lottery ticket and cross your fingers.

2. Be in Mt Pleasant, SC (a suburb of Charleston) on the evening of 3 November — one week before the official release date — and come attend the positively amazing event that will be held at the Towne Center Barnes and Noble at 7pm. The event is the first book tour stop (and book release party) for two highly anticipated titles from Tor: The Wheel of Time Companion, by Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons, and Alan Romanczuk, and Mystic, by Jason Denzel. I happen to count all of these good folks as friends, so Tor decided to bring me in for the event, too. Barnes and Noble will have a special shipment of The Shards of Heaven available for you to purchase and me to sign. That’s three booksignings in one, folks!

Barring all that, of course, you can just get your pre-orders in to your favorite bookseller — don’t forget your local independent bookstore! — and you can begin reading with me on 10 November.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter (@medievalguy) for links to the reviews and interviews and guest posts that are lining up for the rest of the year.

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