Slow to Recovery, Fast to Redecorate

I was feeling a bit better this morning, despite a rough night, and so we decided to rearrange the house.

Seriously. My office, where I type this now, is no longer a room of its own. With the impending arrival of the Hobbit’s little sister (a little over a month to go!), the office/guest bedroom is being converted into her room. That meant a whole lot of changes, most of which are now done.

It started with a used dresser I bought for Samwise yesterday: one of those long, low dressers that fits nicely beneath the double window in his room. That was dragged upstairs with the help of a kind neighbor. The Hobbit’s existing chest of drawers and a small desk being used as a changing table — both lovely antiques — were subsequently rotated down the hall to what was (until this afternoon) my office. They’ll serve the wee lass when she comes. The big oak desk and attendant computer station, along with all their various associated bits, were moved downstairs to the room that I believe the folks around here call the “butler’s pantry,” a small room that sits at the crossroads at the bottom of the stairs: smack dab between the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The old oak desk that had been in that area which had been used to hold the phone and the liquor — don’t drink and dial, kids — was moved into the kitchen itself, into the space where the kitchen table had been. That table, in turn, was pulled out into the middle of the kitchen instead of off to the side. And boy is my back killing me.

Feels good to not be moping around all sick-like, though. Hopefully it won’t set me back — I’ve been known to booger up a decent comeback from illness by doing this sort of thing before — and I’ll continue the uptick toward recovery.

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