Spring Break Fun

On Spring Break around here, and here are the things I’m up to:

  1. Enjoying a bit of quality time with the family after too long with my head buried in Brunanburh.
  2. Writing Tolkien lectures and creating PowerPoints.  I’m trying to get ahead.
  3. Trying to start exercising again now that my broken toes are mended.
  4. Getting two wisdom teeth pulled.
  5. Looking for some new glasses.
  6. Thinking about fiction after too long without.
  7. Working a bit on the paper I’m delivering at the Kalamazoo Congress in May.


  1. May your wisdom teeth extraction be effortless and your recovery instantaneous.

    As for the rest, enjoy that family, if you can find them beneath the pollen that I suspect coats everything there as it does here. 🙂

  2. The pollen is horrible. I washed my handsome red Jeep two days ago and already it is dusty brown. Blech.

    And thanks for the well-wishes on the teeth. Three hours to the Big Pull!

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