Student Publication Success

Cadet Joseph C. Collins, an upstanding Chemistry major from New York who will join the Navy after graduation, wrote a research paper for me last spring as a freshman (or “knob,” as we call the poor folks hereabouts). This Chemistry major’s topic? Shakespeare’s Othello, by golly.

Joseph is a terrific student, so it was no surprise to find that his research paper was terrific — so terrific, in fact, that I suggested he consider thinking about the possibility of publishing it.

Well, a copy of this year’s Gold Star Journal — The Citadel’s scholarly nonfiction equivalent to The Shako — arrived in my mail today. And what do I find on page 1? Why, it’s Mr. Collins’ paper: “An In-depth Look at Mental Illness in Othello.” And it’s even better than I remembered.

Congratulations, Joseph!

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