Summer 2009 Pictures

It took me some time to get the many hundreds of pictures whittled down, but I think I’ve managed it:

As you can see, we saw and did quite a lot while we were out West.  There are many more pictures that are specific to the Jeep-related things we managed to do, but I’ll put those in some separate Project XK posts.

Someone asked me on the trip why we would possibly spend so long out and about each summer. I could answer in several ways — including gesturing wildly to some of these pictures — but perhaps the simplest explanation follows.

On our trip, we stayed at the following locations, at which the kids saw the following family:

1. At my folks’ house in Denver, the kids saw their Granddad and Grandma, their Great-grandma, their Great-“uncle” Bobby, their adopted-family of Chuck and Shirley, in addition to their Uncle Lance, Aunt Bridget, and four cousins.

2. At Sherry’s mom’s house in Ouray, they saw their Nana.

3. At Sherry’s dad’s house in Montrose, they saw their Grandpa and Margot, along with their Great-aunt and Great-uncle.

4. At Sherry’s aunt’s house in Aurora, they saw a Great-grandma and a Great-grandpa, several more great-aunts and great-uncles, along with, well, I lost count of how many cousins, but it was a lot.

Plus we saw great country, great friends, and just generally had a great time.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip!

    Oh and for those wondering why you would spend so much time away from home in the summer the answer should be obvious…because you can! Having that much quality time is a luxury most people 1. don’t enjoy if they do have it 2. don’t have.

  2. It was wonderful. And you’re right, Kate. We don’t for a moment forget how lucky we are to have time off like this.

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