Supporting Writers with Pre-Orders and Reviews

Two weeks from today, on October 25, The Shards of Heaven will appear in paperback.

And not long after that, on November 15, its sequel, The Gates of Hell, will appear in hardback.

I’m excited. And if you’re reading this I hope that means you’re excited, too.

Because these dates are coming hard and fast (along with my due date for book 3 – gah!), this seemed an appropriate time to remind you of the three easy steps you can take to support your favorite author(s):

Three simple steps to help your favorite author.

Three simple steps to help your favorite author.

There are obviously many other things you can do to help the makers of your favorite books. And if you can’t pre-order a book then by all means get it later — just buying our books whenever and wherever you can will help us! — but when it comes to ideal help, these are the steps that will provide the author with the most bang for your buck: Pre-order, Boost, and Review.

As such, if you read Shards and enjoyed it …

(1) Please take a moment to leave a review somewhere. It’s important to my visibility on sites like Amazon, it’s important for my standing with my publisher, and it’s frankly important to me personally — even a no-comment five-star review will do wonders for my soul.

(2) Please take a moment to pre-order the sequel. Shards earned some fantastic reviews, but there’s little doubt in my mind that Gates is a better book. So if you liked book 1, I think you’re going to love book 2. (And don’t get me started on how good book 3 will be!)

If you’ve already reviewed Shards somewhere, thank you. I read every review I see, and I cannot thank you enough for yours.

And if you’ve already reviewed Shards and pre-ordered Gates … well, you, my friend, are the reason I love writing books.

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