Tar Valon Anniversary Pictures

I thought I’d share a few pictures from the recent Tar Valon Anniversary shin-dig here in Charleston.

Tar Valon's Ballroom

I arrived amid a bit of "dead time" for the gathering, but that gave me a chance to photo the awesome flags.

Talking at Tar Valon

They set me upon a dais. Quite nice. (Courtesy Elliott DeMerell)


A number of folks wanted my autograph, which was interesting. (Courtesy Elliott DeMerell)

Team Jordan and Me

A hallway shot of me flanked by Alan Romanczuk (one of Jordan's two assistants) and Brandon Sanderson. (Courtesy Amy Romanczuk)

I was officially asked to give the same talk at JordanCon in Atlanta in a few weeks, but the timing was too rushed to get any kind of funding figured out.  So I’ve agreed to give it next year. Hopefully what I have to say won’t be old news at that point!

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