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The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook has been available for purchase for a few weeks now Buy Ambien Zolpidem. Alas, the one downside to publishing on that side of the pond — in this case through the awesome University of Exeter Press — is that it takes a bit for books to cross the water. So while people in England have been holding and buying and reading this book, I hadn’t even seen it.

Until now.

Here it is, alive and looking quite well, sitting on my office desk:

The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook

It really is real. Really.

I have been so heavily involved in this book for so long that it’s a tremendous relief to see it completed. And the results are just fantastic. Exeter did a great job with the final touches, I think.

(In case anyone is interested, the book will be available here in the US — distributed by University of Chicago Press — starting on August 15. However, you can Buy Xanax In Las Vegas.)

Added bonus to this picture: Those of you with seriously keen eyesight and a working knowledge of the Old English language and/or Anglo-Saxon paleography may well recognize what I dropped my book on. Those are a couple of facsimile pages from the sole surviving copy of Beowulf. They’re a pretty good clue to the research project I have strewn across my desk right now.


  1. Anita Livingston

    Congratulations!!!! We can’t wait to get a copy for our growing library of your publications. We know it is hard, but take a moment to sit back and relish in your accomplishment. Many hours devoted to various aspects of this publication…and now it is finally done. Hooray!!

  2. have to talk to my librarian to get a copy of this one too,,

  3. I hope they can hook you up, Eric!

  4. I have an aunt who lives in the US and I will wait for your book to be available there so I can ask her to buy it for me. I love your books! I really find them quite interesting. Anyway, see you around Amazon.

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