The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook – Release Date Announced!

As you may have heard, I have a novel coming out on 10 November. But that’s not the only one of my books coming out this Fall…

(Preliminary cover design.)

(Preliminary cover design.)

With the help of a remarkable team of contributors, the historian Kelly DeVries and I have spent much of the past year and more working on The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook, the latest volume in the Liverpool Historical Casebooks Series (for which we serve as co-editors). It is a great pleasure for me to announce that this book now has an official release date: 30 September 2015.

Here’s a bit of the announcement awesomeness:

This casebook is the most extensive collection of documents ever assembled for the study of one of the famous battles in history. Here we see the Battle of Crécy across the cultural landscape of Europe — through chronicles and letters, through poems and prophecies, through sermons and laments — enabling us to understand the events of 26 August 1346 like never before. Together with other experts, the editors have gathered, edited, and translated over 80 fourteenth-century sources concerning this fascinating and important conflict — sources from Bohemia to France, from Italy to Wales — many here printed or translated for the first time. Original essays provide historical context and literary background to help interpret the battle in light of this new material. Among the discoveries: despite its fame, the location of the battle has been misidentified for centuries, and the actions of the men on both sides of the bloodied field have been completely misunderstood. This unparalleled accumulation of material means that the Battle of Crécy will never be seen the same again.


The volume is already listed for pre-order on Amazon, and other booksellers will no doubt follow. We’re guessing there will be a good demand for this one, given its rather groundbreaking findings!

(Note: The cover pictured here is a preliminary design. I’ll be sure to post when we have the final one in hand!)


  1. Well Done!

    Now I have to go back and review my own analysis of the Genoese Question. Much brain-candy to be had. Thanks, I shall definitely pre-order today.

    • Many thanks! Kelly and Niccolo have a couple of short essays in the volume investigating the Genoese and the Italians that I hope you will find interesting. And, as with all the casebooks, we try to include all the sources so that our fellow researchers (like you) can make your own conclusions.

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