The Girl Turns One

Just a quick gasp from end-of-term grading to note that the lass turned one today!

A recent image, just so folks know that we’re raising her right:

Elanor with lunch-time fruit as headgear.

She’s actually very excited in this picture. Very proud of herself for perching the pear upon her wee noggin’.

Another couple pictures, just because she’s so darn cute:

Elanor making her "scrunchy" face.

Elanor behind bars.

Adorable, ain’t she? This last one is particularly fascinating to me, since she appears so, well, grown-up somehow. Looking at her face I can “age” her in my mind into a teenager for some reason.

Wow. I suddenly have the urge to sharpen my axe. It’s never too early to plan for would-be boyfriends.


  1. Sure, you talk big about demolishing would-be suitors now. But my money is on that daughter having Daddy tigthtly twisted round her fingers by the time that day arrives. 🙂

    Belated best wishes to your little beauty.

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