The Good Life This Evening

Life is, at this moment, wonderful.

I think folks these days tend to complain about things more than they ought to, so it’s worth taking stock now and then about just how good life can be. Right now…

  • I have a good family.
  • I have a roof over my head.
  • I have a steady income.
  • I have my health.

You’re rolling your eyes, I’m sure.  Those are stand-by graces, I suppose, even if those of us that have them tend to overlook how rare they can be in our world. Fair enough, though.  I’ll give you four more specific reasons I’m happy right now…

  • I’m done with grading.
  • I’m almost done with writing a book review that’s nearly bled my muse dry.
  • I’m still celebrating another victory by the 4-0 Denver Broncos.*
  • I’m listening to a new album my Mark Knopfler.

Oh, yes.  Life is good.

*On a fan forum I found this little animated gif image of a moment in Sunday’s game.  I include it here as an added bit of delight and a reminder why football is the most frighteningly beautiful sport yet devised.

Roy Williams of the Cowboys meets D.J. Williams of the Broncos.

Roy Williams of the Cowboys meets D.J. Williams of the Broncos.

Seriously.  Imagine this at full speed. Roy is fully extended, reaching for a ball just off his fingertips. He knows he’s likely to get hit. D.J. is running at full-tilt across the grass, knowing he needs to separate Roy from the ball if he somehow manages to catch it. In the half-step before the impact, in the split-seconds of pulse-pounding rush, D.J. coils his upper body and tucks his head down and to the side in order to avoid a dangerous spearing — dangerous for both hitter and the hit, in addition to being a personal foul.  Then, pushing off the turf, he erupts that kinetic energy into the receiver’s torso with perfect timing.  Roy’s body flutters with the blow even as he folds up and falls to the ground, his feet instinctively going taut in order to avoid the twisting of his ankle.

It’s violent, I know.  But no one was hurt. Which makes it also marvelous.

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  1. Nice to hear such positive thoughts on the status of lift at your end. We feel exactly the same thing relative to at least your first four thoughts. So how is the new Knopfler?

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