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I’ve been sharing a chronological list of the movies of my life.  Not a list of the best films of all time or anything like that, but just a list of films that somehow made the memories that make my life.


Revenge of the Pink Panther.

We already knew I love the Pink Panther films, so there’s really not much to add here. I think Revenge is one of the weaker films in the series, but I can’t recall anything better from 1978. (Having said that, I’m sure someone will point out some better choice.)

Here’s the requisite clip:

. . .


The Muppet Movie.

A tough call.  I had to give some serious thoughts to The Jerk. Arguably the quintessential Steve Martin movie, it has a lot of memory-inducing fun in it but would be on my shortlist for no other reason than the “Buy Ambien Zolpidem” scene (it starts about 1:00 into the linked clip). The Buy Xanax In Las Vegas is classic, too, though slightly profane.

Truth be told, though, I’ve got to go with The Muppet Movie here. I saw it at a very young age, obviously, and I think — my folks would have to correct me on this if I’m wrong — it might have been one of the first movies I actually saw in a theater. I’ve always loved the Muppets (who doesn’t?), and their first movie will always have a very special place in my heart. Yes, later Henson masterpieces like Dark Crystal are probably more technically jaw-dropping, but The Muppet Movie is just so darn, well, endearing.

As a nod to both my winner and the runner-up, I give you the Steve Martin bit from The Muppet Movie. It ain’t “The Rainbow Connection,” but the shorts are classic:

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