The Semester Begins

I don’t know how the cadets feel about it, but I’m excited. And they seem a decent lot — not that one can tell much in the first couple weeks.

I’m teaching three official courses this term: two sections of 101 (MWF 10-11 and 11-12) and one of 203 (MWF 9-10). I’m also teaching a couple independent studies: one centered on the concept of the “journey” (we’re reading Virgil, Dante, Bonaventure, and Milton among others), and the other a graduate course on writing short fiction.

My office hours, for any cadets in need, have already changed since I gave out syllabi this morning: MW 1300-1500 (or by appt.).

In other news, I’ve posted before about the new Wii, and I’m glad to report that it’s still a blast. I’m sad to report, however, that this is so: much good writing time has been spent of late playing Madden 08. My only solace is in the hope that the performance of the actual Broncos resembles that of my virtual squad: in my most recent game I beat the 49ers by 92 points (98-6).

[ETA: Next game my virtual Broncs beat the Cowboys 78-6.]

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