The Sound of Silence

Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s really been a month since I posted anything here, but, well, on the other hand, I have been pretty busy.

I’m in Colorado at the moment. That begins to point toward the reasons for my quiet. My month of June was greatly discombobulated by a number of things, the first of which was my banishment from my office to (gulp) the cadet barracks. Wasn’t just me, mind you. Capers Hall, which houses several departments in addition to English, is shut down for the summer, undergoing some serious HVAC renovations. So our offices were summarily moved to an open building: Murray Barracks. It’s been quite strange.

In the meantime, I taught a rather intensive 2-week creative writing course. Pretty much an all-day affair.

In the midst of teaching that class — which went great, by the way, and thanks for asking — I got some requests for alterations for the Brunanburh Casebook. That blew out days at a time, because I had to get it turned around with all speed to keep it in the publication queue. Plus, I had to get ready to leave for…

Colorado! I’m in the midst of my annual pilgrimage to the Rockies. Got out here around the 1st of July, and it’s been great. Seen family, deer, elk, and even took a trip into Denver for a day at the Natural History Museum where we saw dinosaurs. The only downside so far has been one trip to the E.R. to have part of my son’s left middle finger reattached after it was summarily ripped off (nail and tip) in a door. Pretty gruesome, but the lad is in good spirits. When I have better internet connectivity and time — I can’t tell you how busy I’ve been for a man on vacation — perhaps I’ll share pictures. Lotsa blood.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been and where I am. We’re heading out for even higher climes (current elevation 7700 feet above sea level) tomorrow to test some new Jeep parts. Research and development is a good thing.

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