Video Killed the Radio Star

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the wee lad, who is roughly 5.5 years old, announced today that his favorite song is “Video Killed the Radio Star,” by the Buggles.

That song, which as it happens is also a favorite of mine, was the first video (and thus a subsequent all-time 80s classic) shown on MTV when I was, well, roughly 5.5 years old.


It testament, I present here the original video from the 80s, followed by a live, just-for-fun cover from Robbie Williams, a current favorite of mine:

Awesome trivia bit: Take note of the bass player in Robbie’s video, an older gentleman who is getting a decent amount of camera time. That’s actually Trevor Horn — the man who wrote, sang, and produced the original song with The Buggles. Yep, the same dude wearing the oversized glasses in the first video. He became one of the great music producers post-Buggles. One of his recent jobs was producing Robbie Williams’ excellent album, Reality Killed the Video Star. Crazy world!


  1. Nice piece of trivia! I wasn’t born yet when this came out so Video Killed has been a classic for me.

  2. I’m getting so old… 🙂

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