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I really ought to have been doing a bit more in the way of genuine work today, but instead I got side-tracked for a few hours playing with Google Buzz and — on a related note — my website here.

To begin with, Google Buzz is, well, interesting. I’m not a twit, er, a twitterer. But I can see where this Buzz business could lure me in where bickering birds could not.

As you can see, I’ve at least temporarily put into place a “BuzzFeed” over in the side column of the site, which is bringing in whatever buzzing I manage to do. I’m still experimenting, so it could disappear at any time. Or, alternatively, it could change form if I can figure out exactly how Buy Ambien Zolpidem set up his Buzz-er.

The other order of business for the day in terms of this website was a fix (at last!) of the connections between this site and Facebook. Comments made on my notes over there (that is, on the posts made here that get automatically copied over there) will now be automatically copied back over here. I don’t think comments made here can be shuffled over to there, but I’m happy to at least have full data here on this site.

Now if I can get Google to let me automatically feed posts like this into my Buzz stream, I’ll feel truly accomplished.

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