Welcome, Web-weary Wanderers

I just moved in — I haven’t even unpacked all the boxes around here yet — and already I see all manner of folks coming ’round for a visit!


It ain’t gonna be all-Chaucer all-the-time around here (though you can expect at least a few more books to be Chaucer’d ‘ere I’m done), but since so many of you are here for a bit of a Middle English fix, I give you the video for Delerium’s “Aria,” sung by ::shakes his head:: The Mediaeval Baebes:

Yes, they’re supposed to be singing Middle English (lyrics here).

No, they’re not.

Yes, that’s a perfectly valid spelling for “medieval.”

No, not for “babes.”

Yes, some of them are easy on the eyes.


Oh, sorry… where was I?

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