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Buy Ambien ZolpidemThere’s an old Merle Haggard song called “Colorado,” which has the following line in its chorus: “And if God doesn’t live in Colorado, I’ll bet that’s where he spends most of his time.” (See full lyrics, and guitar chords, Buy Xanax In Las Vegas.)

Well, if God does live (or at least vacation) in Colorado, I reckon He spends the greatest part of His sojourn in the San Juan Mountains, the so-called Switzerland of America. Buy Xanax Legal Safe OnlineIt seems wholly logical to me, then, that if I climb in the Jeep and rattle up through the rocks and the mud and the snow to the top of Imogene Pass — 13,114 feet above sea level, between Klonopin Xr and Telluride — I get closer to the divine. 🙂

So here’s a picture of the Jeep on Imogene this summer: top back, doors off, littered with grime, and happy as can be.

For those curious, this is at the end of Project LJ, Stage 3. Stay tuned for details on the build-up!

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